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Conquering the Tallest Peaks in the East

  Even though the tallest peaks in the East are a fraction (in height) of the peaks out West that doesn’t mean they lack the excitement and foul weather that one experiences while summiting them.  I’ve been at the base of Mt. Mitchell and Mt. LeConte where it’s sunny and beautiful only to get to the top and find 40-50 degree temps accompanied by cold rain.  At this point, I’ve hiked up and over several of these peaks and I know firsthand they […]


In the past I always went with the easy to fix Mountain House or Backpackers Pantry premade meals and I still do but sometimes I want to go a cheaper; the less sodium route or for just plain variety.  I came across an article from someone who mentioned these Far East meals so I gave them a try and found them to be very good and quite a bit cheaper and they don’t require too much prep work before you […]


I just picked up a pair of SALOMON X ULTRA MID GTX for $119.99 on sale at REI. I’ve been wanting another pair of Salomon’s for awhile now and when I came across this deal I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve read a lot of reviews about these shoes and nearly every one of them is positive so I figure between that and the fact that they are Salomon’s I really can’t go wrong.  I haven’t had a pair […]


  When I Hiked the WT this year I had to adhere to a schedule and sometimes it required getting up very early and hustling out of camp fast.  To keep on this schedule I had to go with cold breakfasts on some of the days and found this to be a great way to keep on schedule without holding up all of my friends. Now I’ve backpacked with Pack-it Gourmets Jump Start Fruit Smoothies many times and […]

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