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MT. MITCHELL HIKE 5/27/17 TO 5/29/17

        The difference in weather between my last Mt. Mitchell trip which was a week earlier in May and this trip wasn’t much because we got a good portion of rain, again!  But, we had just enough dry in between rains this time to make it a more enjoyable trip which was okay by me because rain combined with 60 degrees up on Mt. Mitchell can be a bit chilly. Now, we […]


      My Angel Falls Hike on 4/8/17 – 4/10/17 was my first chance to try out my new MPOWERD Luci Outdoor – Inflatable Solar Light  I hadn’t used this light up to this point so this would be a great trip to give it a try and see how it worked.  When I first saw this light I thought hey that’s a great concept and knew I would buy one sometime in the near future.  What I […]


        I wanted to try out the MSR Thru-Hiker Mesh House 2 since the first time I saw it but at a standard price of $199.00 I just couldn’t justify it.  But, in due time and a lot of patience it finally went on sale and so I nabbed it.  I think I got it for around $150.00 which was a decent price point for me to get it.  I have an MSR tent as well as other MSR […]


      We had hiked a short section of the Laurel Fork Creek trail in 2015 and although it was cold; the water was freezing and there were numerous water crossings it was an outstanding hike so we decided to do a longer section going in the opposite direction when the weather was better.  This time it was much warmer and the water was lower because it was early October.  Well, it worked out perfectly because with the lower water level there were only […]

Horseshoe Meadows / Cottonwood Meadows to Onion Valley Trailhead via John Muir Trail

In 2015 I hiked from Pine Creek to Tuolomne Meadows via the John Muir Trail and I was instantly hooked by the places I saw so I knew I’d be back.  So we decided to plan on hiking the higher section of the JMT in 2016. In 2016 we planned to hike from the Horseshoe / Cottonwood Meadows campground to Bishop Pass which would be around one hundred miles.  Well as the trip approached a few of them had […]

Panthertown Valley Mushrooms and Waterfalls!

    On a recent trip to Panthertown Valley we were enlightened to much more than the myriad of waterfalls and swimming holes so I thought I’d share.  There were many mushrooms of many shapes, colors and sizes!  They were so incredible and plentiful that I just had to stop every 2 minutes and take pics of them.  Below are most of the unique mushrooms that I found. I also got a chance to try […]

ZPacks™ Bathtub Groundsheet / Tent Floor My favorite piece of gear….

  I purchased a ZPacks Hexamid Solo Plus a few years back and it’s a truly outstanding piece of gear….simply awesome!  It’s super light and packs very small but that’s not what I like best about the purchase.  The removable Cuben Fiber floor is the bonus that came with the tent.  They give you an option of which size you buy to go with the tent and I opted for the twin size as opposed to the […]

ULA Circuit Backpack

          The maiden voyage for my ULA Circuit backpack involved hiking the Colbert Ridge to MT. Mitchell.  I bagged several of the Easts highest peaks during this hike with my main focus being Mt. Mitchell.  The pack carried very well with 34 pounds in it and it felt like it could easily handle more. Everything about this pack was outstanding!  I don’t know where to start in describing what all I […]

Enlightened Equipment Hoodlum

    At this point I own two Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilts that I love so it makes sense to purchase a Hoodlum to go with them.  It goes especially well for my 20 degree revelation because chances are if I’m using this quilt it’s probably cold and I’ll need head insulation.  It comes in two different temperature ranges, 20-40F and 0-20F so I chose the 0-20F because for me, anything more than a small skullcap in warmer temperatures is way too much. Previous to the Hoodlum I […]

ZELPH’S STOVEWORKS Starlyte Burner w/Lid

    My Zelph’s Stoveworks Starlyte burner is probably my favorite alcohol burner and I have quite the selection of stoves at this point.  I guess I’m just a gear freak and if I see a stove I don’t have I want to add it to my arsenal.  I first heard of this from Andrew Skurka as part of his Cadillac Backpacking Stove System.  I knew that if he recommended it as part of his Cadillac system […]

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