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Standing on McAfee Knob on a Triple Crown hike from 11/11/16




My MSR Thru-Hiker Mesh House 2 at Jakes Place in the Big South Fork. I really like this tent!


I wanted to try out the MSR Thru-Hiker Mesh House 2 since the first time I saw it but at a standard price of $199.00 I just couldn’t justify it.  But, in due time and a lot of patience it finally went on sale and so I nabbed it.  I think I got it for around $150.00 which was a decent price point for me to get it.  I have an MSR tent as well as other MSR products so I knew this would be a quality piece of gear that should last me for years to come.

There are so many positives about this piece of gear and it all centers around the fact that it only weighs 14 ounces!  At this weight I can combine it with just about any tarp/ground sheet and still have an incredibly light setup.  Currently, I have several tarps that will work well with it (I’ve already combined it with a few tarps).  I’ve used it with my ENO Housefly (27oz) and the MSR Thru-Hiker Mesh House 2 Footprint (7oz) and I’ve got a total weight of approximately 48 ounces for a double walled setup.  That’s up there with the very lightest of all double walled tents but wait that’s not all!  Keep in mind that this combination is at the heavy end of the spectrum yet still is only 3 pounds for a double walled tent.  And it has enough room for two people!

Now, consider that the Housefly is a tarp with doors that is quite heavy and creates an enclosed system once combined with the MSR Thru-Hiker Mesh house 2.  Try replacing the Housefly with any other tarp out there and the weight drops considerably.  And if I replace it with my Sea to Summit Tarp poncho (8oz) for a minimal fair weather setup it gives me a total weight of around 29 ounces but is still a very capable shelter.  Now trade in the MSR Footprint for a piece of plastic and shave a few more ounces!  And the tarps are capable by themselves for decent weather protection.  The possibilities are endless.

Some of my favorite things about the MSR Mesh Thru-Hiker 2 House are:

A)  Light Weight

B)  Flexibility

C)  Roominess

D)  Complete breathability

All of the attributes above are major pluses for a hiker whether you’re a through hiker or just a backpacker who likes to go as light possible without sacrificing comfort.



Below is the official information for the MSR Thru-Hiker Mesh House 2 straight from the MSR website…

Ultralight weight is critical for thru-hikers and long-distance backpackers, and at .41 kg (14 oz), this shelter meets that requirement and others: excellent ventilation, good protection, and enough livable space for two to be comfortable for weeks or months on the trail. It’s also an extremely packable and adaptable shelter. Use the Mesh House on its own for bug-free protection—a necessity in the High Sierras—or pair it with the Thru-Hiker 70 or 100 Wing (sold separately) for added wind and rain coverage. Whatever the trail—AT, PCT, CDT or TBD—this shelter system lets you configure the right combination of weight and protection that’s right for your trip, and any section along the way.


  • Ultralight: Minimum weight of just .41 kg (14 oz) when you use your trekking poles for setup.
  • Livable Space: Floor plan accommodates 2 large camping pads plus gear.
  • Micromesh Protection: Micromesh canopy provides maximum ventilation, moisture control and bug-free protection.
  • Added Production: Pair with a compatible Thru-Hiker 70 Wing or 100 Wing (sold separately) for versatile protection options



Color Gray
Capacity 2
Minimum Weight 14 oz / 410 g
Packed Weight 1 lbs 2 oz / 480 g
Floor Area 30 sq. ft / 2.78 sq. m
Tent Volume 58 cu. ft / 1642 liters
Interior Peak Height 38 in / 96 cm
Packed Size 10 x 4 in / 25 x 10 cm
Number of Doors 1
Freestanding no
Mesh Type 10D polyester micro-mesh
Floor Fabric 15D Ripstop Nylon 1200mm Durashield™ polyurethane & DWR
Country of Origin Imported


Now I have my eye on the MSR Thru-Hiker Wing to mate with my MSR Thru-Hiker Mesh House 2.  It comes in two different sizes so I need to decide which one would be right for me.  I’m thinking I will go with the 70 Wing because it’s a good compromise of size and weight.  It’s about 9.5 feet x 10.5 feet and around 12 ounces which should suit me just fine.

Below is the official information for the MSR Thru-Hiker Wing I copied straight from the MSR website…

Offering essential ultralight protection for minimalists, thru-hikers and long-distance backpackers, the Thru-Hiker 70 Wing and 100 Wing keep wind and rain at bay with minimal impact on total pack weight. The 70 Wing accommodates 2-3 people and weighs as little as .38 kg (12 oz), while the 100 Wing offers ample room for 3 backpackers at a minimum weight of only .49 kg (1 lb 1 oz). Use a wing shelter by itself on a fastpacking trip along the John Muir Trail, or pair one with the Thru-Hiker Mesh House 2 or 3 (sold separately) for added wind and rain protection on a long-haul trip up the Continental Divide.


  • Ultralight: Ample rain protection with minimal impact on total pack weight.
  • Adaptable: Set up with trekking or accessory poles, or suspend from a tree.
  • Compact: Both wings pack down tiny and fit in the smallest of backpacks.
  • Compatible: Either wing can be paired with Thru-Hiker Mesh House 2 or 3



 MODEL 70 100
Color Blue Blue
Capacity 2-3 2-3
Minimum Weight 12 oz / 380 g 1 lbs 1 oz / 490 g
Packed Weight 1 lb / 460 g 1 lbs 4 oz / 570 g
Interior Peak Height Variable in / Variable cm Variable in / Variable cm
Packed Size 9 x 4.5 in / 23 x 10 cm 9 x 4.5 in / 23 x 10 cm
Rainfly Fabric 20D ripstop nylon 1,200 mm Durashield™ polyurethane & silicone 20D ripstop nylon 1,200 mm Durashield™ polyurethane & silicone
Country of Origin Imported Imported


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Standing just below Dragons Tooth on a Triple Crown Hike on 11/11/16 thru 11/14/16



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